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When It's Time To Rebrand Yourself

It's been a long time coming. Rebranding. Everyone thinks about it, but putting it into action is the hardest part. Truthfully, I've been stuck in a rebranding process for months now. I graduated college and with the loads of free time and knowledge I've gained, I have been in deep thought about where I want my brand to be and where it will go.

First Step: Make a list of your strengths/what you have to offer

This was easy because most people tend to spend more time practicing what they love to do therefore, getting better at it in the end.

Second Step: Who am I trying to attract?

Well this answer comes with the first question. You must also ask who is interested in what I'm offering? Is it companies in need of consistent branding? Or is it individual clients in need of something specific that you excel in?

Third Step: Identifying your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

In short, what makes you and your services different than other services out there? Why would people come to you for design? It goes hand in hand with your strengths.

After answering these questions for myself, I found a way to market myself, who to market myself to and envisioned my path to success as a freelancer. In my personal journey, I started with creating a mood board consisting of photos I enjoy, design methods I would like to use more, and a color scheme that I felt best described my personality.


Creating this visual, allowed me to quickly reference what kind of work I would like to create for clients. It was an expression of myself as a designer.

Inspired by these elements, I created my logo. I needed something that stood out and could be seen as a familiar mark for viewers looking at my designs. It represents my strengths and my personality as well.

This created the base of the rest of my design work seen on my website, social media platforms and other work I put out there.

I learn new methods and techniques every day to expand my library of design, in hopes to appeal to more clients out there looking for something specific. Rebranding helped me focus on what I am good at and how I can help others creatively. Starting with evaluating my skills and ending with a logo that I am personally happy with, I can now move on to putting work out there to hopefully inspire others.



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