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R is for Red Panda

R is for Red Panda


Exploration of the human impact on species, specifically the threats on red pandas. Their populations have declined 40% over the last two decades which makes them endangered, leaving just 10,000 alive in the wild. Their main threats are habitat loss and degradation from the logging and farming industry. Unfortunately this is the case for a majority of the animals in this series.


We can stop them from going extinct by:

🌳 donating to the Red Panda Network which works on conservation of over a million acres of forest. You can even volunteer to work as a "forest guardian" to establish protected areas for these cuties.

🪴 put a stop to deforestation by planting trees for those that are chopped down for logging if you live in China, Nepal, and Bhutan. Spreading the word to people that share their environments with these creatures will go a long ways.

📚 educate and share the Red Panda endangerment issues with everyone you know. At the rate in which their population is declining propelled by the rate in which we tear down forests, are the fatal facts that they don't have much time left. The more we talk about it, the more helpful people can be reached.



- printed as part of 2021 Impact Alphabet Series

- 5"x5" Fine Art Digital Print

- All prints are signed by artist. Unframed.

- Printed digitally CMYK on heavyweight, 100% recycled 100#C French Paper Kraft-Tone card stock. Kraft-Tone is made from wood fiber that offers maximum strength and natural character.

*colors may appear slightly different from screen



-  All prints are shipped from the US. 

- All packaging material is 100% recycled and manufactured in the US.

- Packaging can be recycled in any curbside recycling bin when separated. 

- All orders placed by 12pm (CDT) Friday will ship Saturday.

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