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P is for Pangolin

P is for Pangolin


Exploration of the human impact on species, specifically the threats on pangolins. They are one of the most trafficked animals in the world. Unfortunately people use their scales as medicine and meat for food so frequently they have become endangered.

We can help save their species by:

💸 Donating to the Wildlife Conservation Network which partners with other organizations to fund putting a stop to trafficking

📣 Talking about pangolins and their endangerment. The more we talk about them and spread awareness the more chances there are to help them. Some people may not even know this animal exists.

❌ Undercutting the demand for pangolin by not using pangolin products such as medicine and jewelry. Report use of pangolin in restaurants and even wineries to put an end to the main threats on these rolly bbs.



- printed as part of 2021 Impact Alphabet Series

- 5"x5" Fine Art Digital Print

- All prints are signed by artist. Unframed.

- Printed digitally CMYK on heavyweight, 100% recycled 100#C French Paper Kraft-Tone card stock. Kraft-Tone is made from wood fiber that offers maximum strength and natural character.

*colors may appear slightly different from screen



-  All prints are shipped from the US. 

- All packaging material is 100% recycled and manufactured in the US.

- Packaging can be recycled in any curbside recycling bin when separated. 

- All orders placed by 12pm (CDT) Friday will ship Saturday.

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