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M is for Macaw

M is for Macaw


Exploration of the human impact on species, specifically the threat of macaws. The hyacinth macaws, one of the largest kinds, have as little 6,500 individuals left. They are threatened by illegal pet trade and of course deforestation of their treetop homes.


Help by:

📚 educate yourself and others on exotic pet trade. Macaws often suffer or die in capture and transport. The demand for these birds is unsustainable and prevents wild birds from increasing their populations in a natural environment.

🛡 protect macaws and their habitat by donating to organizations like the US Fish and Wildlife Service who provide grants to reserves all over the world to help reforestation efforts.



- printed as part of 2021 Impact Alphabet Series

- 5"x5" Fine Art Digital Print

- All prints are signed by artist. Unframed.

- Printed digitally CMYK on heavyweight, 100% recycled 100#C French Paper Kraft-Tone card stock. Kraft-Tone is made from wood fiber that offers maximum strength and natural character.

*colors may appear slightly different from screen



-  All prints are shipped from the US. 

- All packaging material is 100% recycled and manufactured in the US.

- Packaging can be recycled in any curbside recycling bin when separated. 

- All orders placed by 12pm (CDT) Friday will ship Saturday.

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