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traditional - drawing

Iron Man copy.jpg

Student Project - 2015

Like many of my photorealistic drawings, this subject was the most time-consuming because of the use of only colored pencil and a tiny bit of gel pen. This medium allowed me to get very fine detail to abstract shapes which read as an object. 

Being a big fan of Marvel, Iron Man was my first Marvel movie and my absolute favorite character so depicting him consisted of a lot of detail and movement within the photo. 

DSC_70277 copy.jpg
DSC_7026 copy.jpg


I started by sketching out the larger shapes then the smaller ones. Piece by piece I started filling in the depth of the object through shading and highlight, trying to stay consistent with the color scheme. I had just purchased a whole set of prismacolor pencils and my range of color was immense. After completing this piece, I could finally see what effort it takes to get a photorealistic drawing in full color.

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