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Passion Project - 2017


The Creative Production Lab was introduced to me as a program and amenity of my university. It is a lab with services like laser-cutting, 3D printing, Adobe softwares, and staff that helps you problem solve any project. This poster series is meant to advertise to students and community members to use the resources that are provided in this space. 

I wanted to create a poster series that touched on the main services used at the lab. From choosing equipment, setting up the light studio, photographing, and editing, it was all done within the lab which can be done by anyone with access to these resources. 


Though there is many services at the lab, one of the most used was the sound-proof recording booth and full audio setup which was absolutely free to use. This allowed many music and production students to create their projects from scratch and edit them in the same lab. It also allowed a space for those who wanted to try new things or simply for people who have a passion for music. 



Another service was digitizing and transforming pre-existing video. From VHS to CD, CD to online streaming, the lab was equipped with all devices to help you digitize to a new format that was usable. 



One of the most used and largest setup was the green screen studio. It was equipped with DLSR cameras and camcorders for video recording and taking pictures, along with tripods, memory cards, iPad prompts, and studio quality lighting. Many students used it for interviews and skits which were recorded and immediately transferred to the computer lab behind it for quick editing. 

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