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Branding Project - 2019

Imbark Design is a creative agency that focuses on building brands through their online presence. The main focus for this branding project was appealing to their wide range of clients.

Words like energy, passion, community, excitement, creativity are important values for the company. Using a bright and vintage-reminiscent color scheme, along with the theme of nostalgic arcade games appeals to their older target audience looking to startup or rebrand their businesses, to better fit the digital world we live in today.



Derived from the action of embarking on a journey, the rocket ship became a pictorial symbol that inspired the rest of the brand. Paired with a friendly rounded sans-serif typeface that mimics retro fonts, the logo encompasses their values and represents Imbark with the hidden letter "i".

Group 1359@2x.png

Stationery and Supplementary Design

I had to make sure that the company would be seen as a leading creative agency. The branding had to be clever and enticing, using fun illustrations while presenting the brand as a professional and credible business. 

Every print and digital design uses the brand color scheme and variations of the mark to engrain the image of company in the viewers head, creating and unforgettable and recognizable look. 

Illustration & Photography

Through illustrative style, vintage photography, and charming mascot, I created an approachable brand for all types of people looking to power-up their design game with the help of Imbark.

Group 1358@2x.png

Web Design

The layout of the website was mainly driven by the call to action of starting a project with Imbark. Contact was a huge factor in building the site architecture, because the viewer must always has access to easily reach out to an Imbark team member. With the use of fixed widgets and button hierarchy, the viewer won't miss the goal of the website while they scroll through the samples of work. 

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