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Passion Project - 2017

The Bullet Journal is a way of documenting, organizing, and planning your life in a  customizable way. I have been bullet journaling for years now and many people find comfort in doing it the analog way. As a graphic designer I wanted to create a solution for those that carry just a phone in their pocket, by simply creating an app for it. 

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Home Page

Monthly Planner

This page needed to be simple and resemble the typical dot-grid notebooks you can find in any store that most people seem to gravitate towards when picking a bullet journal. It also needed to be customizable for each person. The user can choose their own photo in the given gallery when signing up an account. 

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Page 3.jpg

A problem of many bullet journal spreads, is that it gets cluttered with the many tasks and events in your life. This simplified layout allows the viewer to click on any day and expand what can be seen. Otherwise, all events, tasks, and goals are listen in list format below so you don't forget what's on the docket. 

Packing List

Year in Pixels

For the travelers and forgetful. A list that can be re-used over and over again after every trip is also included in the basic bullet journal plan. It includes categories and items that a lot of people seem to forget when packing. A simple check list system is efficient and ready to use without explanation. 

There are many different reasons for using a bullet journal. One of them is checking in on yourself mentally. Our days are filled with day to day tasks that seem to never end which can take a toll on your overall emotion. Being self-aware of how you are feeling at the end of every day can be  relaxing and bring some control to a chaotic life so this spread is meant for those needing a grasp on what days make them feel good and create a pattern based on that. 

Portfolio Bullet Journal.jpg
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